The name “Bollywood” is obtained from Bombay (the former name for Mumbai) and Hollywood, known as the center of the American Film Industry. Nevertheless, unlike Hollywood, Bollywood does not exist as a substantial place. Bollywood films are packed with musicals consisting of songs and dances; they have comedy and dare-devil stunt thrills that are all mixed up into a three-hour long spectacular movie with a brief intermission. The movies are majority produced, making India the top movie production area in the world. In fact, India produces about twice as many movies each year as the United States.

Bollywood movies are usually scenic and colorful. They’re big on visuals and filled with traditional Indian costumes. Almost every movie consists of at least one dancing and singing number, if not many. Musicals are not a special genre for India’s movies, but rather a vital part of every script. The movies stay mostly family friendly, with none of the sexual content as seen in Hollywood movies.

Bollywood stars receive a fair well amount of attention, though far less salary depending on one’s demand. They play a well share of similarities with the Hollywood stars in many ways, for instance going to exclusive restaurants, wearing designer names, and also are hounded by paparazzi on a daily basis. They make sensational headlines and are swarmed by fans where ever they appear. Some of the acting scales are very close to Hollywood stars also.

From time to time you will also see Bollywood actors working with Hollywood actors in Hollywood based movies. For example the Actress Aishwarya Rai appeared as a female Indian warrior from Kerala named Mira in Doug Lefler’s Epic film The Last Legion alongside Sir Ben Kingsley, Colin Firth and Thomas Sangster. And in 2009 she appeared in Harald Zwart’s spy comedy film The Pink Panther 2 playing the role of criminology expert, Sonia Solandres. Another great Actor Amrish Puri as Mola Ram a demonic priest who performs rituals of human sacrifices in the action film directed by Steven Spielberg Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom (1994).